In Photos: Cebu’s MINI Nayong Pilipino

Mountain View Nature Park Series I: Mini Nayong Pilipino

I was so excited to take photos using my camera so I raced towards Mountain View Nature Park as soon as I got out of the office. When I started shooting, however, I learned that the battery’s running really low and the camera would surely automatically turn off in a few minutes. So I clicked as much as I could. And sadly, I was only able to take a couple of photos. Noooooooooooo! Sige na lang! But don’t worry guys. I’ll go back there as soon as I can.

In case you didn’t know, Mountain View Nature Park is a nature park just a few hundred meters below the famed TOPS Garden (I’ve never been there.) It’s basically a nature park and it’s designed to suit the needs of all members of the family. It has a children’s park, a botanical garden, picnic tables, hundreds of benches, Videoke machines, a zoo, some cabins, viewing decks, hanging bridges, mini-restaurants, a mini Nayong Pilipino, stations of the cross, a Christmas park and so many more. Entrance is only Php50 for 3 yrs old and above [unlimited use].

Here are my photos of the Nayong Pilipino. With a twist. 🙂

Amazing view of the metro.

Welcome to the Mini Nayong Pilipino

Up we go! Don’t worry, the view is worth it!

Waterfront Cebu and the Cebu Business Park cluster. Looking awesome!

Took this photo at around 5:30 in the afternoon after a heavy rain. So, it’s not smog.

Loving the nice, well-maintained roads at Mountain View.

If you see these orange huts, you’re quite close.

After reaching the top of the stairs, you will see this web of stairs.

Mr. Alligator!

Fascinating plant. Anybody knows the name of this one?

One of the many ’24-hour standby areas’ at the park.

Check out these cute mini chocolate hills and muslim vintas. Wait, aren’t vintas those colorful boats?

The Magellan’s Cross Kiosk looks so cute.

The iconic cannon of Corregidor Island.

Mayon Volcano of course, has to make an appearance.

The Rizal Park statue and obilesk. Extra cute!

This mini-bridge looks so pretty.

Hagdan-hagdang palayan (rice terraces) of the Ifugao.

Have you been to the Mini Nayong Pilipino in Mountain View? What do you think of it? Let us know!

31 thoughts on “In Photos: Cebu’s MINI Nayong Pilipino

  1. Very pretty place! View looks great too. P50 entrance fee seems like a good deal. I hope they maintain it well. Cebu needs more spots like this. Are there jeepneys that go there? Would be a shame if only people with cars can conveniently reach it.

  2. pwede maghabal2x didto bai. sakay ka from JY square sa Lahug. Pero if ubay2x mo, say more than 5 siguro, pwede mo mocontact sa ilang office and they can pick you up sa JY square. naa na silay van. =)

  3. Magnificent! What a nice view! I’ve been to Nayong Pilipino in Manila just before I left for Canada in 1982. It was looong time ago!=)

  4. Mountain View is a very nice place! But a pretty scary thing happened to me up there. While driving down, my car lost its’ brakes and the two other cars who were parked beside me didn’t start up either. And when the tow truck came to get my car, he said, he’s been up there 3 times that week, at the same spot, to pick up 2 cars that had the same problem. We were 100% certain that nobody came near the cars and did something. And when I had the car checked at the shop, nothing was wrong with it. Paranormal?

  5. Naka adto ko sa TOPS Ley, adtong 2004. Kanang Mini Nayong Pilipino murag mao nay gitudlo sa akong bayaw, nga nindot sad kuno. Wala me nagstop kay apeke na sa oras. Nindot lage unta for family day, kaso lang kalayo baya.

    I’ve been few times in Nayong Pilipino in Manila. We even go there to watch the Flores de Mayo ng mga artista. I climb the imitation Mayon Volcano. My brother goes there for a recreation fishing. And guess what? You pay what you catch. That time when my brother lives in Pasay.

    Who owns the Mini Nayong PIlipino Ley? Murag nindot magsuroy2x sa Boardwalk kay access sa PUJ.

  6. @Buchick, that is spooky! It’s time to talk about spooky stuff since it’s almost Halloween. LOL Believe it or not, the whole neighborhood where I live in Canada, we saw four UFO discs going in the middle together, then away from each other (in & out type of motion) extremely fast. No man made aircraft can do that! They kept on going like that for half an hour, more or less. The policemen were confused about the phenomenon themselves!=)

  7. @Gian – Kuyawa gud nimog sponsor ato G. I post dayon tong imong pictures katong ga-trunks ra ka. hahahaha

    @Ma’am Ianne – abot na tag ungo-ungo ani da. hehehe

  8. That’s a nice view! I should check it out during the day time. The first and last time I went to the TOPS was during night time. There wasn’t much of a view because it was foggy. I still enjoyed the nice chilly breeze. The cool temp. was just right for me. It felt like San Francisco, CA in spring.

  9. Right after sa canteen to, Ley. Unahan lang gamay. The building where you can have parties and so. You can park right across it where there is a HUGE old tree. I guess that’s where our unfriendly “hosts” lives.

    And ianne, grabe ka spooky jud! But I’d still go back there ’cause it’s a really nice place. Pwede man sad mag taxi didto. My friends went up there by taxi and they paid about P120.

  10. dodong leylan ! 🙂

    waaaaah now im missing more of cebu na hinuon. 🙂 I like mt.view… dli na maihap sa tudlo (hasta tiil apil) kapila ko gabalik2x dinha. 🙂 Mkawala ug kapoy ang kabugnaw sa hangin 🙂

    Ayu ayu ley.. glad ur having a grand time wid ur new love… ur new cam hehe 🙂

    amping 🙂

  11. oh, you weren’t able to take pics of the deer statues with their heads under the ground and their butts up in the air, a*holes painted pink for all the world to see. they were weird, i tell ya.

  12. This must be close to where we bought our vacation home in Hacienda salinas…still alot of places that I never been to Cebu….. yeah, I know “shame on me” but I grew up in States but love Cebu!

  13. Where about is this place? Not familiar gyod. I lived in England 20 years now. When we go back and see the family we don’t normally stay longer. But this time I would like to have a look around in Cebu. I need help to guide me around beautiful scenery. Last year we went to Bohol and stay there for 3 days and that was great.

  14. Mountain View Nature’s Park
    (Sitio Garahe, Busay).
    Overlooking the city, it is situated near the cool flower gardens of Busay. This park comes with a mini-zoo, accommodations, and canteen.

    Sitio Garahe, Busay, Cebu City
    Tel. no. (63-32) 231-5444 /231-5454
    Manager: Edgar Castillo

    thanks to sir Hoz for this 🙂

  15. Nagtan-aw ko sa litrato sa Busay, naghinamhinam na gyud ko nga makita ning lugara kay tua man ang akong mga igsoon nagpuyo na. Ingon sila bugnaw kuno kaayo pareha diri sa San Francisco nga mag Fog ba… Salamat kaayo Dong.

  16. Gah! xD Choya jd sa Cebu oi bisan unsa-on. Hahaha.

    Ka anhi nako sa Mountain View once kay mao ni among gipili na location para sa among English na music video. Gawd, chui pa jd kaayo to kay gabii man mi ga shoot ba then choy kaayo ang mga lights sa city na makita nimo from the view decks. Plus ga taligsik pa gyud to ato na time so amards gyud kaayo mi pa basa kuno sa uwan. Hahaha.

    I reccomend you go to this place at night time though. The scene is spectacular! 🙂

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