Hidden Valley Mountain Resort: Pinamungajan’s Secret

A couple of weeks ago, I learned that the town of Pinamungajan now has a wave pool. I’m not sure if this is the very first wave pool in Cebu, but if it is, then this is definitely great news. Now, as a Cebu traveler, I was understandably intrigued and a little confused. I’ve been to Pinamungajan so many times but I’ve never really heard of this resort.

So, this morning when I woke up, I made up my mind that the trip to Pinamungajan to investigate was going to happen TODAY.

We left the city at around 10 in the morning. Via the Naga-Uling Road, we reached the city of Toledo just before noon. Toledo is now “The Copper City with a Heart of Gold.” I like it!

After a quick lunch in Toledo, we began the second leg of our trip. By 1 pm, we were in the Municipality of Pinamungajan.

When you reach the town proper, simply look for the Municipal Hall. Behind that building, you will see a small road which will lead you to the town market and the town church.

Btw, their town church just looks wonderful.

The church interior is simple but very spacious. There are numerous windows and the doors are huge so it’s pretty cool inside.

The garden just outside the church was very peaceful and quiet, too. And that huge tree at the back just adds to the whole ‘old town’ vibe.

Right next to the church (behind that big tree,) is a small road which will take you to Barangay Lamac. Now, let me tell you that the trip from the Poblacion to Lamac is no easy feat. The road is a mix of concrete, rocks, puddles, and occasionally loose pebbles. Sometimes, there is no concrete at all. Also, keep in mind that it’s 14 kilometers. If you have kids and you’re riding a bike, please take all necessary precautions. Check your brakes, make sure that the tank is full, and maintain a speed of around 30 to 40.

Almost an hour later, we reached the guest reception of Hidden Valley Mountain Resort. Finally!

The reception center is pretty impressive. They have a store and a souvenir shop.

We learned that the resort was actually divided into two. The first one is the mountain resort. Entrance fee is Php 150. The second one is the wavepool resort. Entrance fee is only Php 100. Now, since the two resorts have different owners, they are pretty strict about the fees. If you wish to cross from one resort to another, you simply have to add Php 50. We decided to pick the wavepool resort since it was what we wanted to see.

Unfortunately, the lady at the counter told us that the wave machine wouldn’t be turned on if less than 10 people are using the pool. And, sadly, we were the only ones there. Like, really. And I was the only one who was going to swim. So, tough luck.

But just take a look at that! First look at Hidden Valley’s gigantic wave pool. Minus the waves, of course.

(click for bigger picture)

At the very center is a huge jacuzzi where you can relax or do silly stunts. You decide.

After admiring the beauty of the pool, what captured my attention next was the awesome backdrop. The mountains of Lamac look stunning.

Notice those watermelons and pumpkin? Those are actually ‘barkada rooms.’ They’re currently being finished. But according to the manager, they can accommodate up to 10 people each.

Now, you may have to squint a little to see. This part of the mountain actually has a waterfall. I’m not kidding. That hole you see right there is where water comes out.

The cottages are pretty nice, too. Php 600 each.

These bigger cottages are priced at Php 800 each.

There’s also a huge space for various activities like parties and games.

Safety reminders for pool users.

A few moments later, I noticed that the water in the pool was moving. It turned out that the manager has decided to turn it on for a couple of minutes so that I could take a couple of photos. Haha. Cool!

At first, the waves were gentle.

Then, it got a little rough and a little more exciting. 🙂

Here’s the whole pool minutes after the machine was switched off.



Wave Pool Entrance Fee (Swimming Included)

LMPC Members:
ADULT – Php 75.00
(3-6 y.o.) KIDS – Php 50.00

ADULT – Php 100.00
(3-6 y.o.) KIDS – Php 75.00

Mountain Resort AND Wave Pool:

ADULT – Php 150.00
(3-6 y.o.) KIDS – Php 125.00
BIG KIOSK: Php 1,500.00
TABLE & CHAIRS 2- 4 Persons: Php 250.00
Corkage Fee: Php 50.00/menu/volume
Whole lechon Php Php 250.00


– 45 rooms (single, family, dormitory)
– 4 function halls for meetings, corporate seminars, conferences, retreats, etc.
– Venue (can accommodate up to 300 persons) for cocktails and celebrations like wedding, debuts, parties, etc.
– Rooms with 24 hours cable tv, wifi , toilet and bath
– 24 hours security guard


Hidden Valley Mountain Resort
Barangay Lamac, Municipality of Pinamungajan
Entrance Fee: Php 100 per person
Contact Nos: 516-2576/468-8025/09057760538
Email Address: hiddenvalleyresort@yahoo.com.ph
Website: http://www.resorts.lamacmpc.com/