Sinulog sa Kabataan 2015

The Sinulog sa Kabataan (Sinulog of the Youth) is a yearly competition held the weekend before the Sinulog Grand parade. The competition is divided into two. On the first day, Saturday, contingents from the towns and cities of the province of Cebu battle it out for a spot (five, actually) at the grand parade. The competition for contingents from the city takes place the next day, Sunday.


Before I begin, I would like to apologize for the quality of the photos. I wasn’t able to borrow a zoom lens from Line so my shots were done using a kit lens. And it was unfortunate that for the two days, I was seated very far away from the stage. So, that exlains the ultra pin-sized people in my photos. Haha.

Also, I wasn’t able to buy a Photographer’s ID this year (which gives you access to the whole carousel route and guarantees you a spot at the Photographer’s area right in front of the stage) because it was too expensive (it’s now Php 1800! :() Anyways, I hope you’d still enjoy the photos.

The street parade usually starts at around 1 pm. That means it would take another 2 hours or so for the parade to reach the main grand stand (Cebu City Sports Center.) So, final performances usually begin at around 3 pm. But when I went there are 12:00, the place was already almost full.

Quick shot of the Ramos Tower (right) and Cebu’s newest tallest structure Horizons 101.

Props men arriving ahead of their contingents to make sure that the props are in place.

Finally, a few minutes before 3pm, the gates were opened and the very first contingent entered the complex.

When the program started, this was how the grand stand looked like. Wow!

Contingents performing on stage. This group looks good in red and white.

Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama touring the grand stand during the program.

Another contingent performs their Free-Interpretation routine.

There were policemen all over the place so everyone really felt safe.

Near the end of the program, the crowd reached this level of crazy.

After performing, these two teams sat quietly a few meters off the stage.

Propsmen eagerly awaiting their turn.


A firetruck and three ambulances were on standby just in case.

And this guy had to be taken to one of the three ambulances. I hope he’s doing fine now.

After the main performances, the performers were asked to return on stage to dance the I Love Cebu dance.

And then, the winners were announced.

Here’s team #Tuburan when their big win was announced.

And another one.

Then, the winners were asked to perform again without their props.

The kids from Talisay City doing an excellent job.

Team Tuburan performing in front of a huge crowd.

Minutes after the program ended. This was how the Cebu City Sports Center grounds looked like.


Here are some videos of the winning performances.

Champion – Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan – Elementary: Talisay City

Champion – Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan – Secondary: Tuburan National High School

Champion – Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan – Elementary: Don Vicente Rama

Champion – Sinulog sa Kabantaan sa Dakbayan – Secondary: Apas National High School