Sinulog 2010 Grand Parade

After watching the pyrotechnique contest last Saturday night (January 16, 2009) at SM City Cebu, me and my SSC friends went to Mango Avenue and stayed up until around one in the morning. When I got home at around 1:30 am, my mom and my cousins were all packed for the Mañanita Mass at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. They’ve been waiting for me since 1:00 am, actually because they knew that the Basilica would be packed as early as 12:00 midnight for the 4:00 am mass. So, I was only able to change my shirt and we were on our way. The mass ended at around 6 am and we were able to leave the Basilica at around 7. That was, after four tranformers exploded scaring the gazillion devotees in the pilgrim area. And of course, there was the compulsory near-death experience at the exit point due to the number of people leaving (and trying to get in) the Basilica. After a quick breakfast, we reached home at around 8:30 am. I went to bed for thirty minutes and by nine, I was up again for the annual Sinulog Grand Parade. Hahaha.

Line and I met up at Fuente and we walked all the way to the grand stand taking pictures along the way. I didn’t have to worry about the crowd, thank goodness, because I had a photographer’s ID. All right, I didn’t exactly take a lot of pictures because it felt uncomfortable. Hahaha. I just sort of acted like Line’s assistant. Hahaha.

Anyways, enough of the backstory. Here are the photos I took during the annual parade. I hope they’re worth the wait. Hahaha. Sorry for the quality. I promise to give you better pictures next year puhon. I swear I’m going to get that DSLR even before the drums start beating next year. Hahahaha. :)


Walking all the way to the Cebu City Sports Center.

Cute kid and his Niño.

Lovely dancer in action!

Celebrities from ABS-CBN.

That second girl looks bored. LOL.

I can’t describe this picture. Hahaha.

Nice skirts.

The grand stand. Super daghang taw!

Higante. A friend said she looks like Bituin Escalante. Hehehe.

My shoes. Very dirty. LOL.

Another higante.

Contingent from Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan.

Wet. It rained a few times during that day. Really messy.

Douglas Nieras and other judges.

Contingent from Camp Lapu-Lapu.

Another shot of that SSK group.

Ms. Lucy Torres. Very gorgeous.

Water break!

Shy. Hehe.

Jones Avenue.

She looks angry. Hehe.

Henna tattoo!

I bet he’s asking for something really big. Hehe.

Osmeña Boulevard and Jakosalem intersection.

Marines waiting for their turn.

On stage! Smile pud mo oi!

Sandiego dancers. Nice costume.

Val Sandiego

Val’s wife. Forgot her name.

DVD mo diha!

The center of all the action.

SWU Marines. So excited to dance. Hehehe.

Pit Senyor!

Balot mo diha!

King kong?

Sandiego couple

View of the entire avenue.


Thanks for the photos Line! Hehehe

For kick-ass photos of the grand parade, check out the galleries of:






Photos by Aubrey
Solemn Foot Procession 2010



20 Comments on Sinulog 2010 Grand Parade

  1. thanks bai,for spending your time taking these very nice and beautiful pictures, its a great pleasure to accidentally got in to your cebu blog and ill spread it throught the bisdak clan here in Palm Springs Ca….cheers and lots of luck!

  2. God bless you Ley naka simba gyud ka sa Pista Senyor, before sa imomg lakwatsa sa Sinulog Parade…hehehe
    Yeahhhhh Super maka-lingaw!!! I really miss cebu.
    A BIG THANKS for uploading the sinulog photos and nice to see your photos too, at least kita ko na nimo!!! LOL
    Na hala take a break Ley and pahuway pod diha ug maau….

  3. THANK YOU! at least in pictures, i was able to attend SINULOG for the 2nd time ………………. my ist was way way back the 80’s, i could not even remember the date now but anyway THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

  4. great pics!

    i miss going to the grand parade,
    and all the sinulog events as well,
    especially the procession and the novena masses.
    thanks for being our seeing eye-….man..hahaha!

    and–nice chucks!

  5. Hello Ley, daghang salamat sa imong kahago para kanamo imong mga higala sa MCPB. Nindot kau ang mga kuha, enjoy jud ko sa imong mga photo’s. As in my previous comment, i will reimburse you, your Sinulog Photographer’s ID. Are you still using this #? 0928-9753-587. My niece Irien will contact you for arrangement.

  6. @ Ley, I say it, i will do it. Im just busy going around Mate enjoying my holiday. So Irien do a favor for me to meet you surely tonight if you had time as she’s going to the city. ok Mate?

  7. ni uli ko atong pag january Ley…wala lagi ko na apil sa pictures hehehe jowk. Bitaw oi perte jud namong basa-a kay nag uwan-uwan jud kaha.

    pero nag pasalamat nalang pud ko kay naka kaon ko ug tempora dapit sa colon hehehe.

  8. Hi, thank you for this blog entry. I’m planning to visit Cebu this year for the Sinulog to take photos. You said there you had a photog’s ID – is it possible for me to get one at this time [admittedly late]? If I don’t get an ID though, how would you assess the situation for photographers there? Where’s the best place to shoot the parade sans the ID? Thanks!

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