Kalag-Kalag 2018 in Cebu

Each year, while the rest of the world is busy with their Halloween costumes and parties, Filipinos celebrate a pretty unique and special event. Every first and second of November, Filipinos flock to the cemetery to honor their beloved dead. This age-old tradition is not only an enduring testament of how Filipinos value their family and loved ones, it also shows […]

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Kalag-Kalag 2012

Here are some photos of the recent Kalag-Kalag (All Souls Day) celebrations in Cebu City. These photos were snapped in Calamba Cemetery and Carreta Cemetery. The two cemeteries are two of the biggest and most-visited cemeteries in the city. Hope you enjoy the photos! 🙂 ——————- The 2012 All Souls Day celebration in Cebu

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Kalag-Kalag 2008

  Despite the migraine-inducing heat, we decided to visit the cemetery just before noon today. We thought that the heat will force people to stay at home. Well, apparently, the afternoon heat was not a factor at all. LOL. I was busy shooting when another guy stood beside me and started shooting using a camera with […]

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