Biga Pit: Toledo City’s Captivating Man-Made Wonder

When I learned that the Cebu Motor Adventure Ride was going to make a stop in Toledo, I was very excited. Although Toledo is very accessible (and quite near,) I never really had a chance to fully explore it. I’m sure it has a lot to offer and it’s a shame that the places that I know are only those that can be found along the national highway. So when my friends at OZ Racing invited me to join them, I didn’t say no. This was a great chance to finally get to know Toledo on a more personal level. And with experienced motor-bikers serving as my tour guide, I was sure that I’d get what I’d hoped for. After all, these guys know every nook and cranny of Toledo like the back of their hand.

Almost two hours after we left Cebu City, we finally reached the City of Toledo. Our very first stop was the Biga Pit.

Biga Pit is a huge tailings deposit facility owned by Carmen Copper Corporation (more popularly known among locals as Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation, its former name.) The pit looks heavenly, but don’t be fooled. The man-made lake is not safe for swimming.

In 2012, world war two era bombs were unearthed in Kawit Island. The bombs were then taken to Biga Pit where they were detonated.

Honestly, I don’t remember where we passed or which gate we used. But we were able to get to the pit fast and easy without any delay. I heard that access to this facility is prohibited now. So, I guess we were quite lucky.

The photos are marvelous. But it’s a hundred times more amazing in real life. If you are there standing on the actual spot and realizing just how massive this man-made lake is, you will get shivers down your spine.

Taking into consideration the average elevation of the hills and mountains in the area, you can just imagine how much work was put into the creation of this man-made wonder. I mean, imagine how deep this pit could be!

The whole gang was at a loss for words. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t their first time. But they sure were as excited as I was!

And, you know, of course, I had to pose. Haha!

Have you been to Toledo City’s Biga Pit?