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From Another Perspective: My Cebu Sunset Cruise Experience

So, I recently had the chance to tick an exciting experience off my bucket list: a sunset cruise along the Mactan Channel! It wasn’t my first time cruising along the channel, of course. It was definitely the first time that I experienced it on a yacht, however. And let me tell you, it was nothing short of amazing.

My Cebu Sunset Cruise Experience

Seeing the city (ies) that I know so well from a completely different perspective, with the sun slowly setting, was truly breathtaking. I’m excited to share my experience with you all, and maybe even give you a glimpse of Cebu’s magic from a whole new angle.

Are you ready to go on a Cebu sunset cruise with me? Let’s go!

For the record, I didn’t pay for this trip. I was invited to attend a media conference for this one brand and the event took place inside the yacht. Apologies if I cannot provide you with any contact details or rates. I didn’t even remember the name of the boat. Hehe.

But here’s a clue: the boat was docked in the marina behind Island Central Mall in Mactan. The dock was actually right next to the Cebu Yacht Club complex. So, if you know any yacht or cruise service operating off of this dock, then the search should be a lot easier.

Here’s a shot of the dock moments after we departed. We left at around 4:30 in the afternoon. You can see local kids having a fun afternoon swim in the water.

Mactan Icons

There’s a shot of some of the many yachts within the Cebu Yacht Club complex. The boats looked beautiful!

That right there is the Mahi development right next to the Mactan Marina Mall. It’s a massive mixed-use project which now stands at the football field right next to the mall.

A few minutes later, the boat made a slow U-turn and this time, we were headed straight to Cebu City. Here is a shot of the Cebu-Mactan Ferry Terminal right below the Virgen del la Regla National Shrine. These boats take passengers straight to Pier 1 in Cebu City.

We reached the first Mactan Bridge at around 5 in the afternoon. The air was starting to get cooler and we started seeing traces of orange in the sky.

Mandaue’s Giants

That right there is the massive Mandani Bay complex in Mandaue City. Those are just 4 towers. The property is set to house a total of 21 highrise buildings. Can you believe that?

Here’s a view of Mandaue City’s midrise developments. You can clearly see the Cebu Doctors University, UC Med, and the Mandaue Chong Hua Hospital.

The Cebu Boardwalk Mall across the Cebu Doctors University looks massive from the water. Sadly, it never got to open to the public.

Beautiful Cebu City

What a wonderful sight! Cebu City’s skyline as of 2024. Who would’ve thought we’d have something like that?

The Cebu International Port as some highrises in the background. The Radisson Blu Hotel is clearly visible.

Slowly approaching Cebu City proper, we got a close look at some of the vessels docked at the port. This interesting-looking ship reminds me of the ones that ply seas littered with solid ice.

A Cokalion ship is docked right in front of the Aduana building which is now a national museum.

There’s the giant gift box! The Compania Maritima building looks like a giant gift box that lights up at night.

Breathtaking CCLEX

The sky was now a little darker as we slowly made our way towards the CCLEX.

Here is a view of one of the bridge’s pylons which is situated very close to the SRP viaduct.

Doesn’t she look amazing?

The main bridge of the CCLEX and the SRP viaduct in one frame. Lovely!

This was the first time that I saw the bridge from below. My jaw dropped, I tell. The bridge was massive!

Here is a shot of the other end of the bridge as it snakes toward the Municipality of Cordova.

If you squint a little, you can see the cyclist headed towards Cordova. And, yes, cyclists are allowed at the CCLEX.

The Perfect Finale

Here is a shot of South Coast City -another mega project at the South Road Properties. See those T-cranes? Yes, construction is now ongoing.

And, of course, there’s the beautiful SM Seaside City Cebu. A fishing boat happened to be in the water when I took this shot. I think it looks lovely!

And of course, the hottest property in Cebu right now – the Nustar Resort complex.

You see that round walkway protruding at the top of the tower? That’s the sky deck and it’s opening very soon!

It was a pretty amazing finale, don’t you think?

I have no more additional photos after this because I think you know what happened next – it was time to eat! 🙂

Our boat stayed in the area close to Nustar until it was fully dark. And then it was time to slowly head back to Mactan. The view after dark was out of this world. But of course, that deserves its own post. Hehe.

See you on our next sunset cruise, everyone! 🙂

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