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In Photos: Walk with Jesus Dawn Procession 2024

The Walk with Jesus Dawn Procession 2024 was held on January 11, 2024, plying its usual relatively short route in Cebu City. Like all the previous dawn processions, the 2024 edition started at the Fuente Osmena Circle and ended at the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino. The parade officially marks the start of the Fiesta Senor celebrations in Cebu. As expected, hundreds of thousands of Cebuano devotees were in attendance.

A Yearly Vow

Since the relatively short procession was scheduled to start at 4:00 am, I made sure to leave the house at 3:00 am. I had to leave early because I honestly didn’t know where to go. Usually, I would go to the Fuente Osmena skywalk where the view is fantastic. This year, however, a lot of important changes are happening in Cebu City. One of the changes is the planned demolition of the skywalk to give way to whatever the BRT project requires. I believe that they are going to make new ones albeit a lot smaller. It is due to this that the said skywalk has now been boarded up and inaccessible. The ongoing BRT project has left most of the city’s major thoroughfares in complete chaos. Thankfully, several portions have already been completed (and are looking sooo much better!)

By 3:15 am, I was already in the downtown area. I thought about going up with the Abellana skywalk, which appeared to still be open. However, I saw a lot of traffic officers in the area and there was no way they would allow me to park my bike along the parade route. So I had to think fast and look for other areas where I could get a good look at the parade.

Fortunately, I remembered the 7-Eleven store just across the SSS building and thought about parking my bike there instead. So I made a quick trip toward Colon Street and back to Osmena Boulevard where the store was located. Long story short, I was able to park my bike there just a few minutes before the head of the parade reached the area.

The head of the parade is now visible, but the road in my area was still pretty empty. Here, you can see some people walking toward the parade.

Walk with Jesus 2024

The Walk with Jesus Dawn Procession 2024

Several minutes later, we were surprised to see that the actual carriage carrying the Nino was now approaching. Usually, the image would be right in the middle of the parade. This year, it was right close to the front.

Walking ahead of the image were these saktristans in white and black.

They were followed by these ladies in yellow. Other devotees now began to fill the other side of the road.

Walk with Jesus 2024

In this shot, the carro of the Nino can now be clearly seen.

And just a few minutes later, the carriage was now in full view. Viva! Pit Senyor!

Walk with Jesus 2024

The carriage is surrounded by priests and different religious personalities.

A protective ‘wall’ surrounded the people surrounding the carriage to ensure everyone’s safety should people push and shove to get close to the carro. Good thing that never ever happens.

Here is a view of the Walk with Jesus parade headed toward Colon Street.

Walk with Jesus 2024

I thought that we would now see a sudden drop in attendees since the image was now several minutes away. I was wrong.

Walk with Jesus 2024

Instead, the Walk with Jesus crowd just got thicker and bigger.

Walk with Jesus 2024

Around 15 minutes after the image passed by, the crowd only kept getting bigger.

Walk with Jesus 2024

In this photo, the crowd is seen raising their arms while singing the Batubalani sa Gugma. How beautiful!

Walk with Jesus 2024

The other side of the road was now extremely full. Wow! Look at that crowd.

Walk with Jesus 2024

I must say that the bougainvillea looks so pretty! Right?

I’m not sure about the exact figures but I think this was the largest dawn procession crowd to date!

Walk with Jesus 2024

After the Procession

I stayed in the area until the parade was over. And I must say that I was thoroughly impressed. Osmena Boulevard looked so nice and clean even with THAT crowd. Amazing! Good job, Cebu!

So, that was it. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Additionally, please stay tuned for more Sinulog posts in the coming days! Pit Senyor!

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