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A Filling First Time at Evo Nature Camp

Today, my mom and I left the city to spend a quiet afternoon at the TransCentral Highway. The original plan was to grab some burgers at our favorite burger joint Felixberto’s. (In case you didn’t already know, Felixberto’s is one of the very first food joints at the TCH.) However, just a few hundred meters from the burger place, we saw a sign which read “Evo Nature Camp.” We got a little curious and we ended up spending a full minute reading the road-side sign and poster. And before we knew it, we were at the gate of one of Cebu’s newest highland destinations.

Evo Nature Camp

Like most tourist destinations in Balamban, Evo Nature Camp is located in Barangay Gaas.

Situated just around two hundred meters from the main highway, Evo Nature Camp is a nice little quiet spot that you’d want to check out if you’re into nature, relaxation, and good food.

Evo has plenty of space for parking. There’s enough room for at least a dozen vehicles.

Upon arrival, we headed straight to the Reception area which is located close to the parking lot.

We were asked to register and fill out the contact tracing form. Our temperatures were also checked. Entrance Fee is Php75 per head but the lady behind the counter said we can pay afterwards.

After the checks, we headed straight to the main view deck where the dining area was also located. It was lovely and was just oozing with great, chill vibes.

The dining area is close to the Grill House where food is prepared fresh. If you want, you can borrow some board games. You can use them for free.

We picked a table underneath a small mango tree and I must say we got the perfect spot!

The view from this area was just fantastic. Take a look!

Looking at their menu, I couldn’t help but smile. The rates are not bad at all!

They also told us about their other features and services. Evo Nature Camp offers trekking, camping, and even glamorous camping or glamping. Take a look at the rates below:

Exploring Evo Nature Camp

While waiting for our food, I decided to roam around the area. I checked out the restroom to see what it looked like.

And I couldn’t believe how clean and fresh it was.

This big window offers a gorgeous view of the trees outside. You’re not just peeing. You’re basically also letting go of all the negativity you have inside you.

Stepping out of the restroom, this wonderful view will greet you. Wow!

From the restroom, I also saw the glamping site below. Looks interesting, doesn’t it?

The place also has a small play area for kids.

Also, I really like how well built and well-maintained the footpaths were.

Also, the gardens were just a joy. You’d feel happy and so full of life just by looking at them.

Finally, our food was ready. Take a look at that! I didn’t think the chicken bbq set (only Php250.00) would have around 5 slices! We had a lot of food!

Glamping at Evo

After lunch (we were was so full), it was time to see the glamping site up-close.

The tents were located away from the main viewing deck so the place is more private and a lot more quiet.

Each tent sits on a platform of wood and metal which is situated a few meters off the ground.

The tents are air-conditioned and can accommodate up to five people.

They also have a special fire pit for camp fire!

Additionally, a well-equipped bathroom can be found close by.

The bathrooms have sinks, toilets, and even showers.

After the exploration, I headed back to the main view deck to see this waiting for me. Wow!

We spent the rest of our time at Evo Nature Camp getting our fill of their delicious budbud ug mangga and just taking in all the positive vibes that the gardens and the mountains give off.

Truly, the experience was filling for both the tummy and the soul.

Watch this video of EVO Nature Camp in Gaas, Balamban, Cebu:

Have you been to Evo Nature Camp? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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