Ever-Changing Simala

A couple of weeks ago, after finally receiving my motorbike’s temporary permit, I was finally able to go on a quick out-of-town trip. My destination was the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist in Lindogon Hills in Sibonga. The shrine is most popularly known as Simala. Years ago, the shrine was small and simple. Over the years, however, drastic changes have been made to ‘improve’ the whole complex. Let’s take a look at how the complex looks like now.

In 2007, Simala was a simple two-storey church.

Today, the whole complex is expanding in all directions.

Towers in every corner.

One of the major towers being constructed near the main church.

The towers are connected by concrete “walkways.” I’m not exactly sure what they’re called. So I’ll just call them “walkways” here. This project reminds me of the Great Wall, actually.

A structure now stands right next to the giant image of Mama Mary.

This walkway is also connected to another tower.

The church is now two times bigger.

I also noticed that they’re digging a huge hole right in the middle of the complex.

Level one of the walkway just below the main church.

View from the top of the walkways.

The original concrete bridge from the main entrance to the church.

View of the complex from the top. The whole is quite big.

The intricate designs are fascinating, to be honest.

The concrete walkways.

 Watch this video for a walk-through of the new Simala complex.

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  1. This is a good blog. When we went to Cebu we failed to visit and see the beauty of simala. Thanks to your blog, next time we go to Cebu, we will definitely visit simala.

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