Rain or Shine

I was able to attend the third day of Novena at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño last Saturday. I know you’ve seen this type of photos before, but allow me to post a couple of the shots that I snapped. The weather has been pretty bad lately. And I’m not just talking about drizzles. It’s heavy downpours which are often accompanied by strong winds. But do you think these rains and strong winds are enough to keep Cebuanos from leaving the warm comforts of their homes? I don’t think so.

The Novena Masses at the Basilica are very well-attended. Rain or shine.

The processional march at the beginning of the mass.

Despite the earthquake disaster that destroyed the belfry of the church, the Basilica is now once again open to the public. The main church, however, remains closed.

Oops. What happened to my umbrella?

The well-loved classic “Batobalani sa Gugma” is sung during the Novena Masses. During the chorus, people wave their hands.

Image of the Niño at the Pilgrim Center encased in a glass container and adorned with flowers.

Viva Pit Senyor! Viva!

9 thoughts on “Rain or Shine

  1. Amazing! Both the shot and the devotees are spectacular! I had to zoom on the umbrellas and noticed the Sto. Nino logo on some of them. Makes me want to buy one! 🙂 Happy Fiesta, Ley! Viva Sr. Sto. Nino!

  2. Pit! Senyor… even though its pouring rain it doesn’t stop the devotees to attend the Sinulog Mass. Just keep praying and Sr. Sto. Nino will grant your prayers. Im watching the live streaming here, 5th in the row tonight. Viva! Pit! Senyor!!!

  3. THANKS A LOT FOR THE LOVELY SHOTS! How I wish to be there… Thank you so much for posting and making it possibile for me to join the celebrations all the from Rome! All the best. PIT Senyor!!!

  4. Pit Senyor!
    Kang tatay kini!
    Pit Senyor!
    Kang nanay kini
    Pit Senyor!
    Kang mana ug manoy kini!
    Pit Senyor!
    Kang Inday ug Dodong kini!
    Pit Senyor!
    Mga singgit sa mga debotos
    Ngadto kang Senyor Sto. Nino.
    Pit Senyor!!!

  5. Pit Senyor!
    Kang Tatay kini!
    Pit Senyor!
    Kang Nanay kini!
    Pit Senyor!
    Kang mana kini!
    Pit Senyor!
    Kang manoy kini!
    Pit Senyor!
    Kang Dodong kini!
    Pit Senyor!
    Kang Inday kini!
    Pit Senyor!!!
    Mao kini ang mga singgit
    Sa katawhang nagdebosyon
    Sa batang Hesus!
    Salamat sa imong mga hulagway nga gipatik
    Bisan layo ko sa atua, samtang nagtan-aw
    Sama ra nga naa ko ug apil sa mga panon
    Kaanindot sud-ongon ug bation,
    Salamat kanimo bay
    Pit Senyor!

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