Discovering Cebu City’s Barangay Talamban

Believe it or not, the things I know about Talamban are but skin-deep. It’s a shame really since I am a true-blue Cebuano (plus the fact that Cebu is a really, really small city) and a lot of people think I know every nook and cranny of this city.

Which is exactly why it was fortunate that I was able to visit the local parish church for the first time ever last Saturday. Honestly, I didn’t know that Talamban has this nice-looking church perched on top of a hill. Prior to this visit, I actually thought that Talamban doesn’t have its own parish church. Hehe.

So, anyway, here are some photos of Talamban. If you, too, haven’t seen this side of Talamban yet, put your right hand up and give me five! 🙂

The San Isidro Parish Church of Baranggay Talamban.

While taking photos, students at a local high school kept asking for some shots. Hehe.

A marker bearing the bust of Talamban’s first parish priest Father Veronico.

Facade of the parish church

Candle-lighting area just outside the church with an image of San Isidro.

View of the hills of Talamban

The newly-renovated left wing of the church.

The Talamban Parish Pastoral Center just behind the church.

Stained glass featuring the Virgen Delos Desamparados, the second patron saint of the parish.

Interior of the parish church. Lovely.

Round and cross-shaped windows. Nice.

These star-shaped holes on the facade of the church allow natural light to come in.

Details of the circular window.

One of the chandeliers inside the church.

Awesome view of the altar. Very lovely sight.

An image of St. Cecilia.

View of the altar from the ground floor.

Statue of Talamban’s second patron saint.

After visiting the church, I dropped by the local cemetery. I failed to get the name of the cemetery, however. But in case you were wondering, it’s that small lot by the road just before you reach the Noth General Hospital.

The cemetery is very clean. I’m very impressed.

You can’t see candle vendors or young shirt-less kids playing around. The place is very peaceful and quiet.

The place is very green, too!

A portion of the cemetery shaded by a small manchinitas tree.

Anybody know the name of this cemetery? Please help me out! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Discovering Cebu City’s Barangay Talamban

  1. it’s a beautiful place! my family’s land is located at pulangbato area. am sure the kids will still eat the manchinita’s fruit. 🙂 sorry, i don’t know the name of the cemetery, it’s a clean one indeed. thanks for the post, ley.

  2. thanks for this photoblog, Ley 🙂 it made feel to be a proud talambanon heheh anyways, the cemetery is the Talamban Cemetery hehehe

  3. Check out out the Holy Relic Chapel and its surrounding areas located at the OAD in Tabor Hills of Talamban. They have exceptional views of Mandaue and Lapulapu Cities. Hope you can post photos here as well.

  4. I’ve been following your blog and your way of describing our church really brings out the best in it. I am here every week but never really appreciate much of its design until i see your blog. Very nice!

    Please check out the places beyond talamban also! tabor hills, hidden waterfalls in cambaog, pulangbato, genesis valley in barangay cabangahan, in barangay guba they have that cemetery there on top of a mountain with a very nice view of cebu! you need to take few hundred meters climb upnthe mountian thru some flower plantation before you reach the cemetery

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