Cause For Concern

Here are some photos posted by SSC forumer Narnian_King. The photos show vandalized corals at Club Kontiki in Mactan, Cebu.

I’m pretty sure we have existing laws against such acts. And I think it’s high time that we see them properly implemented. The culprits have to pay!



There are so many ways to show your love. But this?

Not good!

NOTE: To be fair, there is no proof, other than the word ‘Korea,’ that this was done by a Korean national. And I’m pretty sure some Filipinos also do it. I just hope that these photos will help us become more responsible and vigilant.

0 thoughts on “Cause For Concern

  1. sad…
    bad cheetah. este korean..
    I’ve been to 6 island hopping trips in nearby islands of Mactan but never been to Club Kontiki. Asa na dapit?

    Hey Ley, Nag bag-o ka ug design? Great job. I like it..
    You also can visit my site at I do some photoblogging about cebu’s tourist spot.

  2. Ley,
    This is upsetting. I suppose Club Kontiki has dive master/s who supervise
    divers in their area. This place needs to be checked and sanctioned accordingly
    by the authorities. They could loss their license to operate.

  3. i think this is more of pinoy tirada (trademark). . . coz 1st instinct of korean to write should be on their alphabet (in korean character), labi na kon dili makabasa og sulat og english. kinahanglan magpakabana na dyod sa atong kalikopan og kinaiyahan.

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