Out of Cebu: Amazing Bohol! Tourist Spots

As you all know, I recently visited Bohol with some family members. And as expected, I ended up with tons of photos after the trip. So, allow me to share with all of you guys some photos of some of Bohol’s most famous tourist magnets! Enjoy!

The famous tarsiers of Loboc, Bohol. Aren’t they just cute?

Prony is the name of the longest python in captivity in Albur (Albuquerque, Bohol). Prony is basically the star of the whole reserve.

Di sad palupig ang unggoy

The Loboc River trips

Majestic Loboc River

Up the tallest hill in Carmen

National Geological Monument


Korean invasion na pud!

DIri na lang ko layat2x kay puno didto.

Tagbilaran’s Bohol Qualty Mall

Super nindot ang interior


Blood Compact site

View of Tagbilaran Bay


Baclayon Church

36 thoughts on “Out of Cebu: Amazing Bohol! Tourist Spots

  1. nindota ba anang adventure ninyo ley, nindot na pod ang BQ – Bohol Quality pa ba gihapon ila tawag ana karon? bitaw, daghan pod nindot sa Bohol, makaluya lang ang byahe usahay….nice pics….

  2. Wow! Gorgeous scenery! Tarsiers, they look like sigbins, but they’re adorable! I would be scared to touch Prony. I just love the chocolate hills! How I wished they’re edible! LOL

  3. wow kanindot gyud diri!
    I would like to see Tarsiers, curious kung unsa ni siya kagamay gyud. And famous man sad gud ning tarsier sa Japan ( siguro, daghan ng mga hapon nakaanha ug nakakita ani in person). ug Usahay gigamit sad sa mga japanese comedian ang image sa tarsier as a palody of the show. Sikat sad gyud Bohol.

  4. Hi, nice pictures you have here. I just couldn’t find my other Bohol pix. Can I use a few for my YouTube? Thanks… I graduated in UB. Now, based in Cebu.

  5. nice kaau ang bohol, grabe ka nindot labi jud ang mga dagway sa tawo maorag mga tarsiers, hehehe joke lang. lingaw au ko didto pag adto nko. experience nga dili najo malimtan

  6. hi nice bya ang bohol although nag stay me and my family sa ilijan then nag semi round me sa bohol la lagi ka pic sa sagbayan peak nindot bya didto nalingaw ang ako anak sa ila play ground. next time maka balik me ug vacation sa bohol mag round na gyud mi sa tibouk bohol

  7. pagka nindot jud sa bohol….anhi jud mo sa province sa bohol..pagkanindut jud ang mga beauty spots..!!!!!!!!!!!!!11sulit ang paganhi.!!!!!!!!!!!yeah

  8. nice jud tw ang bohol..im so proud nga bol-anon ko ky dghn nkaappreciate sa ka nndot sa province…. visit pd mo sa akong hometown sa loboc 4 sure malingaw jud mo….d music town of bohol..>.

  9. this coming Jan (puhon ….) will visit Bohol this was not covered during our oct-nov trip to cebu…….. ley thanks for the info

  10. hi there.

    im glad to see your picture blog since we are looking for nice places to visit for a honeymoon. we are considering Cebu and Bohol but we really do not know where to go. if you can give me some idea on the good places to go and where to stay (not too expensive pls) we would really appreciate it.

    hope you can help us.

    PS: you have a very nice blog.

    1. @Jb Dyoco

      Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Based on my experience, here are the places that i can recommend. This might serve as your itinerary but suggestion lang ito ha. Hehehe.

      First, you can start in Cebu. On your first day, probably, you can visit the famous tourist spots in the city like Sto. Nino Church, Magellan’s Cross, and the museums. Before the day ends, you two can then go to Mactan Island and look for a resort. There are plenty of inexpensive resorts there. But since it’s your honeymoon, I think you deserve to stay in Maribago or Plantation Bay or Shangri-la perhaps? Hehehe. If not, there are affordable resorts like Blue Reef. You can stay in Mactan for a day or two. Then, you can head south to Moalboal to enjoy the white-sand beaches. The rooms there are very cheap (as low as 200 a night) so you don’t have to worry. From Mactan, you just get back to the city and go to the Citilink Terminal. There, you can get on a van that would take you to Moalboal. Fare is around 100 Php.

      From moalboal, you can head back to the city and then get on a ferry to Bohol. If you know where to go, you can visit the famous spots in Bohol. You can tour every single one of them in just one day. Then, you can retire in Panglao Island. The beaches there are spectacular and not so expensive.

  11. highly recommended gyud ni nako ang bohol, if youre looking for rest and relaxation. di gyud mo magmahay. panglao was great. i hope i can visit there again someday. we rented a van for a day, and from the pier the driver drove us to panglao where we stayed in a resort hotel and the next day we were able to visit the hinagdanan cave, sagbayan peak, he took us to the place where they keep the python, then to the choc hills, had lunch in a floating resto while cruising the loboc river, visited baclayon church, took pictures at the blood compact then time to go home. but not before getting us some souvenirs and best of all, the ever famous kalamay!!! yummy!!! tulo akong laway maghunahuna dah. it took us only a day to tour most of bohol and barato ra kaayo among nabayran to rent the van.

  12. I like the presentation but, pls be careful with the spelling. Quality is not Qualty Mall. Alburquerque is not Albuquerque.

    And thank you for visiting Bohol, I am from Bohol though so tha is why I am a bit frustrated reading the mispelled words

  13. I have photo’s with some of yours here Ley, like Tarsier, Prony, Loboc River Cruise, Blood Compact, Chocolate Hills,Baclayon Church and the jumping shots. I really enjoy my day trip ystrday. Its fantastic.

    I think, about tourist spot lupig ang Cebu. Bohol is so clean. Hardly see a rubbish in the road side, the mountains are green, impress jud ko sa Bohol.

  14. wow! nindota oi!! miss ko na gyud and Bohol… never been around Bohol.. how i wish i cud tour around there someday…

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