Out of Cebu: Amazing Bohol! (Maribojoc)


When we reached Loon, we drove 45 minutes to get to the small town of Maribojoc. That’s where my uncle lives. That’s also where a huge inasal, crispy adobos, and juicy guisados were waiting for us. Bwahahaha. Fiesta man gud. =)


The Church in Maribojoc

The bell tower


Awesome ceiling art!



Wow! Look at the wood art!

Patron saint

Maribojoc Presidencia

Un-used pier


Another angle


Many locals come here to just relax and talk.



Anislag Bridge

My dad reminiscing his youth as my mom watches on.

The bridge where my dad spent most of his childhood days.

The nipa jungle

More nipa

To my cousin’s house

Misplaced toilet

Let’s try it!

Mom and auntie

Uncle’s old jeep

Old public swimming pool

Fresh water

Pool by the river.

When we went back to my uncle’s house, ‘something’ was waiting for us. Hahahaha.

I saw a photo of my LOLA and LOLA. This is the LOLO mentioned in this Binutbot entry.


13 thoughts on “Out of Cebu: Amazing Bohol! (Maribojoc)

  1. Beautiful church, beautiful town, beautiful scenery! Life away from the hectic pace of the city is so beautifully simple. Thanks for taking us with you (in spirit) to this trip. You have a really nice family.

  2. I love Bohol!!!! During my last team outing, we stayed overnight in Punta Bay in Maribojoc where there’s a tower. I had an entourage of 23 agents. Babysitting mode all throughout.

  3. Exactly, murag kag xerox copy sa imong lolo Ley. Syempre gwapo. Hala! imong mama from Negros, ur papa from Bohol and they settle down in the middle island, CEBU. Equal left and right ang bisitahon nila, walay mahay no?

    Katawa napod ko nimo sa shot #23. Oh its a nice country adventure Ley esp. visiting relatives.

  4. Hi my fiancé comes from Maribojoc and we were there in October 2008 before we came to my home in England, I love it’s so cool and relaxed. Though they have little they share food and happiness it even made my karaoke sound good. Thanks for pics I’ll have to ask her about the church she didn’t tell me it was so beautiful. Regards Stephen

  5. Very nice shots particularly the church where i’m the parish council chairman for a decade now. you featured an old jeepney with the name AL BOY TATA. you must be a relative of the VELOSO’s here? or Nong Berting Romarate. Well, thank you for featuring our small yet beautiful and historic town.

  6. lami gyud didto sa bohol hilabina kung piyesta. basta month of May na gani na lami na kaayo ipamista didto. ingon nila kada adlaw naay piyesta sa bohol (tinuod ba na?). ang mga Bohol-anon mga hospitable kaayo, bisan di nila kaila pasudlon gihapon nila sa ilahang balay aron pakan-on. di gyud ka gutomon didto labi na sa piyesta.

  7. wOw..!! its gOod tO bE bAck iN mY hOmetOwn..i riLi miZ mAribOjoc eSpeciaLLy thE chURch aNd kiSsing oUr pAtrOn sAint…^^,)

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