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Werpa Food Park: Elevating the Food Park Experience

Food parks have been sprouting like mushrooms all over Cebu in recent years. With changing trends, lifestyle choices, and preferences, the concept quickly caught on especially in busy areas in the metro. Offering a wide array of food choices in one location, food parks are well-loved not only by foodies but also by those who enjoy the convenience of outdoor dining.


While the Werpa Food Park in Punta Prinsesa is definitely neither the first nor the biggest food park in Cebu, it has managed to stand out (and continue to gain popularity) because of how it has elevated the food park experience here in Cebu. Why? Let me show you why the Werpa Food Park is on a league of its own.

Werpa Food Park

The Werpa Food Park is a new food park located in Punta Princesa in Cebu City. Although situated a few meters from the main road, the food park is very easy to find thanks to its very visible roadside sign.

To get to the food park, you simply have to follow the small private road located just across the Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.

You won’t get lost as the road literally ends at the gate of the food park.

Werpa Food Park has limited parking for both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. So, to be safe, it is best to park your vehicle somewhere else.

Proper health and safety protocols are observed upon entry of diners. You can also clearly seen well-made signs and notices all over the food park.

Refreshing and Relaxing

I have been to several food parks in Cebu and I must say that Werpa Food Park is definitely something else. You can really see that a great deal of planning was done to achieve the food park’s overall look. In fact, despite the limited space, the place looks rather spacious and really comfy.

I must also point out that the use of different elements in the food park’s design gives it a truly relaxing yet fun vibe. The furniture pieces scattered all over the food park, for example, look very inviting and welcoming.

I must also say that the layout of the different kiosks is definitely very neat.

The spaces are not too cramped so each brand can really shine and be seen.

Most dining locations are also located away from the kiosks so the area looks organized and tidy.

As most dining spaces are located on the second floor, I have to commend Werpa for ensuring the safety and convenience of the diners by providing sturdy, spacious, and well-marked staircases.

Unlike Any Other

The highlight of the entire food park is the open-air lounge area where diners can sit on the ground and enjoy their food and beverages while huddled around short-legged dining tables. Many diners who come to Werpa prefer to stay in this location.

This dining area also offers a clear view of the kiosks below.

At the back part of the food park, more wooden tables and benches can be seen. This area is a bit more intimate and is perfect after sundown when the lights are on.

Another great thing about Werpa is that it tries to incorporate fun and exciting new elements to give diners an entirely different experience. The use of swing sets, for example, is very creative and witty.

One table even has this very interesting-looking hanging seat. How cool is that?

The restrooms are also pretty clean and hidden away from the dining area. Which is always a good idea.


And, of course, if all the highly Instagrammable areas within the food park are not enough, they have this dedicated area where you can snap a quick selfie or groufie. How fun!

So, that’s it. That was my quick tour of the Werpa Food Park in Punta Princesa. So, what do you think about this new culinary destination in Cebu? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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