Penshoppe’s Sinulog 2019 Display: A Beautiful Cebuano Tradition

Each year, Cebuanos look forward to the construction of one of the most important features of Sinulog sa Sugbu — Penshoppe’s Sinulog stage / platform / chapel / display in Fuente Osmena. Considered one of the most enduring symbols of Cebu’s beloved festival, the display is built near the end of December and will remain open to the public usually until around February.

Each year, the design changes including the materials used and the elements added. This year, the team decided on ‘stained glass’ patterns surrounding the image. They also added greens in different parts of the display.

The Sinulog 2019 display by Penshoppe in Fuente Osmena.

At the top of the image is the phrase Pit Senyor or sangpit Senyor which literally means ‘call to the Senyor or the Santo Nino.

An attendant waters the flowers arrangement surrounding the glass box containing the image.

Stones and plants are added to give the display an outdoor garden vibe.

Senyor Santo Nino de Cebu

Check out more photos of the display below:

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